Lab Alumni


Graduate Students

Lovey Walker, Ph.D., Counseling Psychology Program 2016. Current Position: Leadership & Talent Development Consultant, Office of Human Resources, University of Minnesota - Twin Cities.

Joyce Lee, Ph.D. Counseling Psychology Program 2016. Current Position: TBD.

Alison Hu, Ph.D., Counseling Psychology 2015. Current Position: Post-Doctoral Fellow at Edith Nourse Rogers Memorial Veterans Hospital.

Shelia Frankfurt, Ph.D. Counseling Psychology 2015. Current Position: Post Doctoral Fellow at VA.

Mary Joyce Juan, Ph. D. Counseling Psychology 2014 - Intersections of Racial/Ethnic Identity and Gender Identity Among Women of Color. Current Position: Post-Doctoral Fellow at San Diego VA.

José Causadias, Ph.D., Child Development, Institute for Child Development 2014 - Understanding the Processes and the Consequences of Immigration.  Current Position: Assistant Professor of Psychology at Arizona State University. 

Reiko Hirai, Ph.D., Counseling Psychology 2013 –  Longitudinal Adjustment Trajectories of International Students and their Predictors.  Current Position: Psychotherapist,  Center for Victims of Torture.

Undergraduate Students and Post-Docs


Hasan Atak, Ph.D. 


Undergraduate Honors Students

Alison Collins, 2014 - Cultural Influences on Self-Construal in White Americans: A Deeper Look at the Salience of Urbanicity, Geographic Region, and Ethnic Diversity

Hannah Strickland, 2014 - Religious Change and College Students: Risk Behaviors, Peer and Family Influence, and Life Satisfaction

Amy Kubat, 2013 - Family’s Impact on Academic Major Choice

Julie Droegemueller, 2012 - Who Studies Abroad? Associations between Personality, Study Abroad Participation, and Type of Experience

Jaime Lilleodden, 2012 - Effects of International Travel and Volunteerism on Intercultural Sensitivity

Mariel Carlson -  Honors Student

Leah Shepersky - Honors Student


Undergraduate Major Projects Students

Laura Burkhardt - How do Study Abroad Programs actually Benefit their Participants?

Nam-Hee (Angela) Kim - Ethnic-Specific Labels and Strength of Ethnic Identity among White Americans

Josh Lunow - Institutional Belonging and Academic Achievement: A Comparison of International and Domestic First-Year Students

Makoto Miller-Tsutsui - Ethnic Names and Ethnic Identity: Is an Ethnic Name a Sign of Cultural Socialization?

Doug Pearson - Differences in Ethnic Identity among College Students in Majority and Minority Contexts

Alexis Yeboah - Ethnic Identity: Narrative Differences in African Americans, Africans and Multiethnic Emerging Adults

Megan Mansfield 

Undergraduates Students

Undergraduate Research Assistants

Mia Morton
Huda Omar
Nur Artricia Mohd Jefrin

Amanda Deshotel

Abigail Gabriel

Megan Schmitt

Ali Higginbotham

Marina Llanas

Emily Horton

Ryan Smith

Amanda Ling BSN, RN

Jeffrey (JD) Braun

Leah Shepersky

Suet Jean Siek

Emily Aanerud

Alexandra Arsenault

Sharifa Dube

Emma Hamilton

Aida Ibrahim

Shawn Jarvis

Elise Jefferson

Ana Lee

Walter Lee

Brittany Matos

Mai-TramThu Nguyen

Natalie Sokol

Elle Stahura

Syma Sumar

Mao Vang

Alyssa Weise

Tara Wong

Shiyu Zhang