Prospective Students

Prospective Undergraduate Students

The NICE lab generally includes 5-15 undergraduate research assistant every semester. These students register for 3 credits of Psy 5993, Research Lab in Psychology, which involves nine hours of lab-related work per week for the semester. Students interested in applying to work in the lab can download an application here. Please submit the application and a CV/resume to the lab manager, Ummul Kathawalla, at After you submit your application, you may be contacted for an in person interview. Please be aware that there are typically many more applicants than available spaces, so applying and interviewing does not guarantee that you will ultimately be selected to participate in the lab. Decisions about fall positions are typically made in April, and decisions for spring positions are typically made in November.  The NICE lab does not generally employ research assistants during the summer months.

Due to the fact that there are more applicants than available spaces, the NICE lab does not generally allow volunteer research assistants from other departments or universities. We do not have enough space to accommodate our own students, so it is not fair to offer spaces to those outside the department.

Undergraduate Lab Application


Prospective Graduate Students

The NICE lab includes doctoral students from both the Counseling Psychology doctoral program and the Personality, Individual Differences, and Behavior Genetics (PIB) doctoral program. However, as of the 2017-18 academic year students may apply to work in the NICE lab under the mentorship of Dr. Syed only through the PIB program. He will no longer be accepting new students in the Counseling Psychology doctoral program.