Lab Members

Current Lab Members

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Moin Syed, Ph.D. (Lab Director)

Alex Ajayi, Fifth Year, Counseling Psychology Program

Lauren Mitchell, Fifth Year, Personality, Individual Differences, and Behavioral Genetics Program

Sarah Nelson, Fourth Year, Counseling Psychology Program

Jillian Fish, Third Year, Counseling Psychology Program

Ummul-Kiram Kathawalla (Lab Manager), Second Year, Counseling Psychology Program 

Current Affiliated Students

Graduate Students

Kelly Jordan – 5th year, Counseling Psychology Program

AnnaMarie Vu - Internship year, Counseling Psychology Program & Social Psychology Program

Xiang Zhou - 4th year, Counseling Psychology Program

Rafael Aguilera - 3rd year, Social Psychology Program

Adam Beaupre - 4th year,  Personality, Individual Differences, and Behavioral Genetics program