Prospective Graduate Students

Dr. Syed will review applications in Fall 2022 and intends to accept new doctoral students to begin the program in Fall 2023. Students may apply to join the NICE Research Group through the Personality, Individual Differences, and Behavior Genetics (PIB) doctoral program only. Dr. Syed no longer accepts new students in the Counseling Psychology doctoral program.

Competitive applicants will have substantive interests in personality, identity, race/ethnicity/culture, and development. The NICE Research Group takes a meta-scientific perspective on all its activities, meaning we have a strong emphasis on methodological, theoretical, and historical issues in the field, and do not focus only on generating new empirical findings. Students interested in working with Dr. Syed should share this general perspective, or be eager to learn more about it and how to incorporate it into their work. Reviewing Dr. Syed's Google Scholar profile sorted by year will provide students with a good sense for our recent focus. The NICE Research Group strongly prioritizes open, transparent, reproducible, and accessible science. Students are encouraged to discuss their experience with and/or interests in open science in their application materials.